iOS Web App Funkiness

I ran into some interesting challenges while working on a site this week. Like any good developer, I ran to the web to search for a solution. However, I couldn’t find any solutions that addressed my specific problems. Both problems concerned differences in behavior between Safari and the bookmarked web app. One problem had to do with caching on both the iPad and iPhone, and the other had to do with a background display on the iPad.

The first problem turned out to be a caching issue, but it presented itself as a block of code that would not die. This particular site has a large background image that is removed if loaded on either on iPod or iPhone. The background of the site was being written into the DOM with jQuery originally, but I decided to reorganize the code for purposes of progressive enhancement. I modified the CSS, JavaScript, …

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Aesthetics, Part 2

In my last post I briefly addressed the importance of form and function and how they are really two parts of a unified whole. That whole has far more potential impact than either of the individual ingredients taken alone. You can have a very beautiful design, but, if the design doesn’t fulfill the necessary function, it has little impact. Likewise, if a design functions but has little aesthetic appeal, it’s effectiveness will be severely limited.

However, when given equal consideration, form and function have the ability to fulfill the functional objectives of a business and connect with customers on an emotional level. I ended with a couple basic questions. In this post we’ll address those dealing with our customers.

Why do businesses so frequently dismiss the role of aesthetics in their marketing efforts?

The simple answer to this question is money. Quality design requires time and experience, and that costs …

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