This Is an Allegory

There’s an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip where Calvin goes up to Hobbes and tells the tiger that his teacher thought his report was terrible. “Obviously,” Calvin says, “I need a cooler logo.”

What’s funny to me about the strip is that Calvin is oblivious to the fact that his teacher doesn’t care about a logo. She wants a decent report, not a better logo. What makes this really funny to me is that I have this kind of reasoning presented to me all too often by real adults. At least Calvin is an imaginary boy.

I’m not saying that the quality of your logos and websites don’t matter.

We make our living making you look good, so that would be a crazy thing to say.

Design is incredibly important to an organization’s success. After all, a bad website can ruin a good company, and a logo that doesn’t …

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Purposeful Technology

Almost my entire adult life has been spent designing and building websites for companies of all shapes and sizes. I have been professionally involved with the web since 1995. I’ve lived through every trend, every ebb and flow of the industry, and every technological advancement. In the early years websites were nothing more than novelty advertising, competing over advertising dollars with hot air balloons and inflatable gorillas. But the web is more than hot air, and it has grown into a legitimate channel capable of supporting business in a way no other channel can.

Facilitating this growth from gimmick to legitimacy is technology. Early on companies wanted a website because it was trendy and cool, and there has been an unending succession of cool new technology to feed our interests and our customers’ desires ever since: audio, animation, javascript, flash, CSS, video, etc. Almost every day there is some new …

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