This Is an Allegory

There’s an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip where Calvin goes up to Hobbes and tells the tiger that his teacher thought his report was terrible. “Obviously,” Calvin says, “I need a cooler logo.”

What’s funny to me about the strip is that Calvin is oblivious to the fact that his teacher doesn’t care about a logo. She wants a decent report, not a better logo. What makes this really funny to me is that I have this kind of reasoning presented to me all too often by real adults. At least Calvin is an imaginary boy.

I’m not saying that the quality of your logos and websites don’t matter.

We make our living making you look good, so that would be a crazy thing to say.

Design is incredibly important to an organization’s success. After all, a bad website can ruin a good company, and a logo that doesn’t represent your company properly can seriously damage your potential customers’ perceptions of you. There are countless books filled with countless examples. In this day and age customers have become incredibly marketing savvy, and ignoring your brand can be organizational suicide.

However, your customer isn’t interested in your logo or your website or any other branding materials. They are interested in whatever product or service you offer. If what you are trying to communicate about your message and your company isn’t clear then it doesn’t matter how awesome your method of communication looks.

In other words, maybe your message doesn’t seem cohesive because it’s not cohesive, not because the titles aren’t big enough or because the font’s not right. Maybe your website doesn’t seem professional because it does not accurately reflect what you do, not because it’s not “Web 2.0-ish” enough. Nevertheless, we work with Calvins everyday who want to endlessly tweak the logo, so to speak.

What I am saying is that you need to concentrate on your area of expertise and trust the experts you have hired.

Your area of expertise is your company and your message. It is your “report” in the Calvin and Hobbes allegory. Rather than expending your energy micro-managing the design process, focus your energy on your area of expertise. As your tiger in this allegory, we are tasked with making your communication look good, read clearly, and work well. We know how to translate, package, and present your report so that your teacher will approve. It is our area of expertise, and we have been focusing on it professionally for over 15 years.

Concentrate on your report. We are dependant on it. Leave the logo to us.

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